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[Báo cáo] Tội phạm máy tính ở Mỹ năm 2011 theo IC3

In 2011, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) actively pursued its mission to address crimes committed using the Internet, providing services to both victims of online crimes and to law enforcement. Statistics in this report reveal IC3’s success. IC3 marked the third year in a row that it received over 300,000 complaints, a 3.4-percent increase over the previous year. The adjusted dollar loss of complaints was $485.3 million. The 2011 IC3 Internet Crime Reportreveals both the scope of online crime and IC3’s battle against it. The most common victim complaints included FBI-related scams, identity theft and advance fee fraud. IC3 received and processed more than 26,000 complaints per month. Based on victim complaints, the top five states were California (34,169), Florida (20,034), Texas (18,477), New York (15,056) and Ohio (12,661). Victims in California reported the highest dollar losses with a total of $70.5 million. For victims reporting financial losses, the average was

[Tool] Free download Nmap 6 2012

Major Improvements in v6.00 NSE Enhanced – The Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) has exploded in popularity and capabilities. This modular system allows users to automate a wide variety of networking tasks, from querying network applications for configuration information to vulnerability detection and advanced host discovery. The script count has grown from 59 in Nmap 5 to 348 in Nmap 6, and all of them are documented and categorized in our NSE Documentation Portal. The underlying NSE infrastructure has improved dramatically as well. Better Web Scanning – As the Internet has grown more web-centric, Nmap has developed web scanning capabilities to keep pace. When Nmap was first released in 1997, most of the network services offered by a server listened on individual TCP or UDP ports and could be found with a simple port scan. Now, applications are just as commonly accessed via URL path instead, all sharing a web server listening on a single port. Nmap now includes many techniques f

[Ebook] Cyber Criminology | Free download

I am very pleased to be asked to write the foreword to this interesting book. I first met Dr. Jaishankar (Jai) at a conference in Bangalore in early 2009 and again some months later in November of that year when he visited the University of Leeds for 6 months on a Commonwealth Fellowship. While he was in Leeds, Jai engaged energetically in many fruitful activities, one of which was the compilation of this edited collection of chapters by interna-tional scholars. I got to know Jai during those 6 months, and we had many lively dis-cussions about cyber crime and especially the different ways that it has affected the people of the Indian subcontinent. I am very grateful to him for this knowledge because it has helped me to begin to understand just how ubiquitous the Internet has become and how this ubiquity has, in fact, begun to spiral in the new millenium. Even today, some 20 years or so since the graphic user interface made the Internet user friendly and popular, networked technol

[Security] Trộm cắp thông tin thẻ ATM

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