[Ebook] Computer Evidence - Collection and Preservation 2nd

In life we hardly ever go it alone. The same holds true when taking on writing projects
such as Computer Evidence: Collection and Preservation, Second Edition. Many people,
such as the technical and copy editors including Adam Speer, Leo Manning, Erin
Kenneally, Gary Kessler, Karen Gill, and the Cengage Learning staff, have contributed
significantly to the creation of this book. I would like to specifically call attention to
and thank members of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association
(HTCIA) and High Tech Crime Consortium (HTCC), List Servers for their support
and mentoring over the years. This book could not have been created without
their vast cumulative knowledge. I would also like to thank Alex Augustin for his
years of support, and Steven Richardson and Ted Augustine for taking up the slack at
Technology Pathways.



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