[Free download] ModSecurity 2.6.3

ModSecurity is an open source, free web application firewall (WAF) Apache module, that can work either embedded or as a reverse proxy. It provides protection from a range of attacks against web applications and allows for HTTP traffic monitoring, logging and real-time analysis. ModSecurity employs the following security models:
Negative Security Model – looks for known bad, malicious requests. This method is effective at blocking a large number of automated attacks, however it is not the best approach for identifying new attack vectors. Using too many negative rules may also negatively impact performance.
Positive Security Model – When positive security model is deployed, only requests that are known to be valid are accepted, with everything else rejected. This approach works best with applications that are heavily used but rarely updated.
Virtual Patching – Its rule language makes ModSecurity an ideal external patching tool. External patching is all about reducing the window of opportunity. Time needed to patchapplication vulnerabilities often runs to weeks in many organizations. With ModSecurity, applications can be patched from the outside, without touching the application source code (and even without any access to it), making your systems secure until a proper patch is produced.
Extrusion Detection Model – ModSecurity can also monitor outbound data and identify and block information disclosure issues such as leaking detailed error messages or Social Security Numbers or Credit Card Numers.”


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