[Security] IBM X-Force 2011 Trend & Risk Report

The IBM X-Force 2011 Mid-year Trend and Risk report has been published.  Woot!
I have to say, this report is bursting with great information about the latest threats that have occurred in the first half of this year and even though we have witnessed many high-profile security breaches in the beginning of 2011, improvements in areas of computer security are being made, showing that the industry is making headway.
We encourage readers to not only check out the highlights listed here, but read the full report for contributions from our colleagues in Rational AppScan, Emergency Response Services (ERS), Managed Security Services (MSS), BigFix, Guardium and Identity Access and Management.  Each of these dedicated security professionals has taken a pro-active approach in their respective articles to assist readers with additional guidance.  Understanding threats is the starting point, but knowing what actions to take next is just as important.
So, let’s take a look at some of those highlights. (Read more )


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