[Tài liệu] Most common Computer Crime and Security Breaches Australia 2003 - 2006

As few police agencies identify cybercrimes separately, the chart below presents results of the 2005 Australian computer crime and security survey, conducted by AusCERT, Australian High Tech Crime Centre and various state, territory and federal police agencies. One hundred and eighty-one organisations from manufacturing, information technology, federal and state government, utilities, finance, and education sectors responded to the survey.

These data are indicative only as the sample is not necessarily representative. Caution therefore should be taken when generalising from the following data.

Differences published in previous editions of Facts & figures may be due to differences in the organisations participating each year. In the 2005 survey 35% (n= 63) of these organisations reported experiencing electronic attacks that harmed the confidentiality, integrity or availability of network data or systems. (Source: Australian crime : facts and figures 2005)


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