[Hack - Crack] INSECT Pro

INSECT Pro is a new tool for Penetration Testing and the ultimate resource to demonstrate the security or vulnerability of your network.

INSECT Pro goes beyond simply detecting vulnerabilities to safely exploiting them. The first integrated vulnerability and penetration testing tool, INSECT is part of the complete solution Insecurity Research offers to evaluate the vulnerabilities on your network.

This fully automated product examines potentially vulnerable services, exposes points where an attacker could breach the network, and exploits the vulnerability to prove its existence without a doubt.

The file browsing and command line execution capabilities resulting from a successful exploit provide undeniable evidence of a network vulnerability.

INSECT Pro demonstrates the path an attacker could use to breach a network, quantifies risk to the system, and allows administrators to manage resources more efficiently to better defend information assets.

Take a visual tour of some of INSECT Pro most popular features and discover why INSECT Pro has become a leader in security software and solutions around the globe.

See more at http://www.insecurityresearch.com

Insecurity Research is an innovator in software development, our products include exploitation development tools, vulnerability assessment and remote control technologies.

For all sales inquiries, please call +54 (11) 4433-4778 or email sales@insecurityresearch.com

Juan F. Sacco - CEO
Insecurity Research S.A.
Cachimayo 177 Piso 1 Oficina 5
C1424ABD - Capital Federal ( Argentina )
Phone : +54 (11) 4433-4778
Fax : +54 (11) 4433-4779


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