[Lượm] Khám phá file docx của MS

Here’s a little known secret: .docx files created by Microsoft Office or Open Office aren’t just one file. They are container files that contain XML files and other files that makeup the Word document that you’ve created and saved. You can explore and extract the contents of a .docx file just like you would with a .zip archive. This is handy for a variety of tasks, including recovering data from a corrupted .docx file to extracting images and other media from a .docx. In this tutorial, I’ll show you an incredibly easy way to explore the contents of a .docx file.
Source:  http://www.groovypost.com/howto/how-to/explore-the-contents-of-a-docx-file-in-windows-7
1. Tạo 1 file word: ví dụ: Toiphammaytinh.docx
2. Rename và khám phá nó
3. Ngoai ra, bạn còn thu được nhiều thông tin khác :))


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