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I am very pleased to be asked to write the foreword to this interesting book. I first met Dr. Jaishankar (Jai) at a conference in Bangalore in early 2009 and again some months later in November of that year when he visited the University of Leeds for 6 months on a Commonwealth Fellowship. While he was in Leeds, Jai engaged energetically in many fruitful activities, one of which was the compilation of this edited collection of chapters by interna-tional scholars.
I got to know Jai during those 6 months, and we had many lively dis-cussions about cyber crime and especially the different ways that it has affected the people of the Indian subcontinent. I am very grateful to him for this knowledge because it has helped me to begin to understand just how ubiquitous the Internet has become and how this ubiquity has, in fact, begun to spiral in the new millenium.
Even today, some 20 years or so since the graphic user interface made the Internet user friendly and popular, networked technologies are still becom-ing further embedded in each and every aspect of our daily lives. Even if we do not use the Internet, much of our personal information will be stored somewhere on a networked computer, so in one way or another it affects all of us. Because of this reality, the potential for our data to be used maliciously is much greater, and it therefore becomes increasingly important that we study the impacts of the Internet, especially as the freedom it brings comes at the cost of the new risks we experience.
Regardless of whether you are a member of the academic community, a practitioner, a media commentator, or just someone who is interested—yes, you do exist—this book will provide you with a provocative and thoughtful collection of viewpoints upon which to develop your thoughts and strengthen your debate. So I invite you, the reader, to read on.

David S. Wall, PhD
Chair of Criminal Justice and Information Society
School of Law
University of Leeds
Leeds, United Kingdom
May 2010

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