[Tool] Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer v.2.1

Oxygen Software announces Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer v.2.1. This version introduces data export to PDF, XLS, XLM and other formats, and the ability to export selected tables. The new version also improves conversion utilities, introduces the conversion sidebar and adds the ability to save big BLOB fields to file. All registered customers may download the new version immediately from their personal customer area.

New in Oxygen Forensic SQLite Viewer v.2.1:

* Added export to RTF, PDF, XML, XLS, СSV, TSV and HTML file formats.
* Added ability to export selected tables.
* Added ability to select multiple records on Deleted data tab.
* Data type ‘Table record’ or ‘Deleted record’ are shown when copying entries to clipboard.
* Added support for OS X Epoch format conversion.
* Added an external window to view the data.
* Added ability to save big BLOB fields in a file.
* Accelerated SQLite Viewer work.
* Improved conversion of millisecond UNIX format dates.
* Improved conversion: automatic conversion is done on the one sidebar.
* Improved support for Base64 conversion.
* General interface improvements.
* Fixed error that sometimes occurred after closing the Viewer.


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