[Forensic] The Adobe SWF Investigator!

Features of the Adobe SWF Investigator:

From a static perspective, you can disassemble ActionScript 2 (AS2) and ActionScript 3 (AS3) SWFs, view SWF tags and make binary changes to SWF files. Adobe SWF Investigator also lets you view associated information, including local shared objects (LSOs) and per site settings.
From a dynamic perspective, you can call functions within the SWF, load the SWF in various contexts, communicate via local connections and send messages to Action Message Format (AMF) endpoints in order to test more effectively.
Adobe SWF Investigator contains an extensible fuzzer for SWF applications and AMF services, so you can search for common Web application attacks. This toolset also provides a variety of utilities including encoders and decoders for SWF data, as well as a basic compiler for testing small pieces of ActionScript code.
Adobe SWF Investigator is the only application of its kind that’s built on Adobe AIR – a versatile runtime that supports ActionScript, the language used to create SWF applications. This allows for native interaction between the SWF Investigator and the SWF application. Using ActionScript also makes the source code of the tool more intuitive for SWF developers.
Adobe SWF Investigator has the ability to auto-update, so you don’t need to worry about whether or not you have the most current version.
Since it’s an open source AIR application, Adobe SWF Investigator can be modified to fit your environment, and it is cross-platform.

Download Adobe SWF Investigator:

Adobe SWF InvestigatorBeta - swfinvestigator_p1_mac_030612.zip/swfinvestigator_p1_win_030612.zip- http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/swfinvestigator.html

Adobe SWF Investigator Source Code


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