[Security] 2012 SEO poisoning, botnets, mobile malware, increasing awareness

Finally, I would say that we're guaranteed to get a bunch more cyber threat statistics thrown at us in 2012, so I leave you with a sampling of numbers I encountered during my research in recent weeks:

The median annualized cost of cybercrime incurred by companies with over 700 employees in 2011: $5.9 million per year.

Increase in median annualized cybercrime cost from 2010 study: 56 percent.

Number of personal records exposed in largest security breach of 2011: 77 million.

The going rate per record for credit card details on the black market today: $1 to $20.

My guess-timate of the total number of records containing confidential personal information exposed worldwide by security breaches/lapses in 2011: 120 million.

Average per person amount lost to fraud in cases of identity fraud in 2010: $4,567.

The average take from a bank robbery in the U.S. in 2011: $7,806.

Number of felons shot and killed by law enforcement officers or private citizens during commission of a felony in 2010: 617.

Total number of cyber-criminals shot and killed in the history of cybercrime: 0.*

Number of Americans who learned that they were victims of identity fraud in 2010: 8.1 million (we await the 2011 number).

Amount lost in U.S. to identity fraud in 2010: $37 billion.

Cost to an organization per compromised record, as reported in 2011 study: $214.

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