[Security] Fourth Scam of Xmas, Fake Anti-virus

In the Mac version, Cyberscammers are placing links to fake antivirus software in online search results. They advertise programs with names like “Mac Defender,” “Mac Security” or “Mac Protector,” offering to safeguard your computer from online threats. But once you click on the link, it downloads malicious software onto your machine.

In the background, the program may open up pop-up windows, asking you to upgrade the software for a fee to remove non-existent threats. If you agree to “upgrade,” the cybercrooks get your money—often $50—and you get nothing in return. Or, it may open up pornography, or other undesirable websites.

To avoid this scam, follow these tips:

- Always have a legitimate copy of a comprehensive security software installed on your device

- Make sure that software is updated automatically

- Exercise caution when you click on links. Using software such as SiteAdvisor (www.siteadvisor.com) can help because it distinguishes between safe and risky websites

- ALWAYS exercise caution while clicking links in emails that look suspicious, even If they appear to come from a known contact

- Hover your mouse over links without clicking and look in lower left hand corner of the window to see the actual link address – avoid suspicious web addresses that contain misspelled words

- Hit alt + F4 to close the pop ups.

- If you think you clicked on a bad link, update your security software and run a scan.

(Via mcafee.)


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