[Security] New YIM! Bot

Cyber crooks have used instant messaging applications to spread malware for quite a while. While most of these creations are clumsy and one can easily tell they’re being conned by an IM bot, today’s encounter is trickier.

First off, the bot, identified by Bitdefender as Trojan.YIMBot.K, is polite. It starts the conversation right after you sign into the YIM client with a greeting and the latest news: that Apple would allegedly give out 5000 MacBook laptops to commemorate the death of Steve Jobs.

If most IM bots hit and run (they leave the message and then don’t react anymore), this one is highly interactive. It simulates typing and sometimes replies slowly, just as a human user would do. Then, it is extremely interactive: it recognizes keywords in the victim’s input and replies accordingly, as shown in the conversation captured below.


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