[Security] Fake Itunes Gift

The Sophos Naked Security blog reports that there are fake iTunes gift certificates being distributed via email which are actually malware-laden file attachments. The prospect of a free $50 to spend shopping on iTunes is a compelling deal for rabid Black Friday shoppers.

Security vendor Sophos sheds light on iTunes gift card scam.Given the economic malaise that continues to drag on around the world, it is easy to see why people might jump at this bait any time. When you mix it in with the avalanche of emails advertising Black Friday bargains, and the expectation that a few retailers will have awesome deals worth fighting for, it is even easier to understand why many might click on a file attachment that promises $50 to spend on iTunes.

I have paraphrased the basic guidance from Sophos--which was paraphrased from USA Today--to help you avoid suspicious or malicious Black Friday deals:

Protect Your Information
Don’t Trust Everyone

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. If you’re one of the dedicated, intrepid shoppers who will venture out for Black Friday bargains, have fun. Just don’t be in such a hurry to get a great deal that you let down your guard and end up compromising your PC.



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