26 October 2011

[Security] Spam facebook

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The links usually redirect in two steps to a Canadian Pharmacy website where various (fake) meds are offered at unbelievable prices.

We have noticed a new type of mail which at the first glance seems to be from the mentioned category . This time, there is a text:

“Please call +7 951 xyzq”.

According to its prefix, the number is from Russia. I am not an expert in international phone numbers, but if we consider that the numbers starts with “9″ then I think I can assume that it is a very expensive number.

Can it be that the Canadian Pharmacy spam doesn’t bring anymore enough money to the spammers and they are searching for new methods of getting some easy money?

Fortunately for us, the spam is malformed and it is quite easy to detect it as spam.

But this opens a new chapter in Facebook related spam – now those who are not aware of such scams can lose some serious money.

Facebook will never ask you to call any number. They will also never sent you such a notification and definitely your Facebook Inbox will never get full.

We strongly advise all users to never call any number present in such emails.

Source: http://techblog.avira.com


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