[Security] How Two Scammers Built an Empire Hawking Sketchy Software

in August 2003, Jain and Sundin had a breakthrough thanks to the arrival of the so-called Blaster worm. Blaster quickly compromised hundreds of thousands of machines, making it one of the fastest-spreading pieces of malware ever. The worm also prompted an unprecedented consumer panic: Some 40,000 computer users called Microsoft for support during the first four days of the epidemic. Jain and Sundin had built a small empire dedicated to exploiting people’s fears—of bioterrorism, for instance, or deportation. Here was a threat that menaced almost everyone with a PC, which meant a vast potential audience for their manipulative online ad campaigns. Jain and Sundin—now working through a company they called Innovative Marketing Inc., or IMI—merely had to use the fear of computer viruses to sell antivirus software(Read more )

Source: http://www.wired.com


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