[Vote] Is free antivirus only for the poor

Is free security only for the poor in developing countries?  Well let’s look at what the users think.
When AVAST users install the free antivirus, we use this opportunity to collect some research data on various subjects.   This particular research was based on over one hundred thousand responses collected during the last couple weeks. So, it is pretty solid data.
The question itself is simple:
How do you rate the level of protection offered by avast! Free Antivirus?
Contrary to what you might think, the result shows that free antivirus is equally appealing to users in developing as well as developed countries.  Actually, it also seems that the more rich a country is, the likely are its users to choose free antivirus.    See the chart.
Note on the research:
The scale for the answer goes from 0 to 10 – from Very Poor to Excellent. The data was only collected from users who have  been using avast! Free Antivirus for at least 1 year.  This excludes users who really don’t have much firsthand experience with avast!.  Moreover, I only listed countries where we have significant coverage with a multi-million strong user base.
Source:  https://blog.avast.com


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