[Lượm] Several Reasons Why Your Ranking Drops

Several Reasons Why Your Ranking Drops

It’s the Holy Grail everyone is looking for but only a few selected ones find. Even when you grab that elusive slippery fish called a Google ranking, the chances are your grip will fail and that sought after goal will get away. It’s something everyone with a website either for business or pleasure has gone through, but not everyone understands why.
Here’s a few of the more common explanations. Paul M. Ventura writes recently in Site Pro News that new sites enjoy what he calls a Google Honeymoon where these new additions get great rankings for a period of time. Of course, no Honeymoon lasts forever and that includes the one for web newbies. The world of the Internet gets real for these people quickly, but they can take comfort since there are a few solutions and answers to the ranking drop.

Sneaky Search Engines

The search engine’s algorithms change constantly and many people in the know point to this never ending shell game as the biggest reason rankings rise and fall. Remember, even if your site isn’t affected when these change, the sites where you get some of your link juice from might and that could affect the potency of your links.

Malevolent Malware

Malware can do a number on your site and even affect the visitors you get. When Google detects any of this nonsense on your site, they notify potential visitors in the SERPs and that of course will have disastrous consequences on your rankings. You can also be penalized by Google for practicing Black Hat SEO techniques. Don’t buy links from a link farm;going about things the organic way is a much better system and pays off in the long run.

Duplicate content is another sure way to the basement in the page ranking world. The thing that’s especially cruel here is Google doesn’t differentiate between the original and the duplicate, so you could wind up on the short end of the stick even when you’ve done nothing wrong.

 Terrific Text

Finally, you need to have good content. There’s no way around getting professional text on your site if you want to convert visitors to sales. Even with all the best seo techniques and organic link building on your side, you need to have something captivating for people to read when they arrive at your site. Oh yea, you need to go through and make sure you don’t have any broken links in your copy as well.

Source: http://www.bloggingtips.com


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