[Mcafee.com] No Holidays for Hackers in France

In France, July and August are the holiday season. Like my compatriots, I abandoned my workplace for several weeks in the southern sun. But I have to confess it was not an absolute desertion. From time to time, I had a quick look into French hacktivist activities. To demonstrate that hackers and hacktivists never stop, I have collected a few stories for you.
Not long before midnight on July 26, a tweet announced the Elysée Palace website displayed a cartoon image of Nicolas Sarkozy. Our president was pictured on a motorbike heading toward the gates of the palace. This was nothing serious: Using an old cross-site-scripting vulnerability, a joker had created a web page based on elysee.fr with an iframe pointing at a satirical website. No doubt the author was impatient for us to vote for a new president.

Source: http://blogs.mcafee.com


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