09 June 2011

[Miễn phí bản quyền] Zoner Panorama Maker 11.5

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Zoner Panorama Maker
Mục đích
is an application that combines a continuous image scene to create a single panorama image. The program is very easy-to-use and does most of the job automatically.  It is based on wizards that finds the shared pixels in the individual shots and joins them precisely by automatically cropping or rotating the image. Besides, it also allows users to manually adjust their panorama image.
Trang khuyến mãi
Hướng dẫn sử dụng

Hướng dẫn đăng ký:

1. Bạn vào trang khuyến mãi

2. Đăng ký và lấy KEY

Download: http://www.zonerdraw.com/binary/zpm_en.exe


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