[Miễn phí] VLC media player 1.1.10

# Windows and Mac OS X:
* Update of external library modplug, to address multiple security issues
# Mac OS X Interface:
* Improved Media Key handling based upon SPMediaKeyTap by Spotify AB
* Fix for various crashes and small issues
# Demuxer:
* Fix heap corruption / integer overflow in XSPF playlist parser
# Audio output:
* PulseAudio output re-written due to unstability of the current one
# Win32 port:
* Remove the fontconfig dependency from the freetype module
# Miscellaneous fixes in:
* Windows 7 taskbar buttons
* Qt interface
* asx, live555, dvdnav demuxer
* RTP output and XML export
* Subtitles colours when using GPU decoding on Windows
* v4l2 access
# Translations:
* Update of Norwegian Bokmål, Slovak, Afrikaans, Luganda, Brazillian Portuguese, Irish, Thai, Estonian, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, German, Galician, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Japanese translations
* Initial Basque, Zulu, Peul, Amharic, Acoli, Chiga translations



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