[Ebook] Handbook of Digital and Multimedia Forensic evidence

To Ralph M. “Bud” Keaton for your years of dedicated, uncompromising efforts
to improve the quality of forensic laboratory services provided to the criminal justice
system. You were there at the “dawn” of forensic laboratory accreditation, long before
many of us even understood what accreditation meant. Over the years, you have been,
and continue to be, a constant force promoting the necessity for forensic laboratories
to become accredited. You have ensured that the accreditation process is impartial,
objective, and conducted under the highest standards of ethical practice. Under your
guidance, the Digital & Multimedia Evidence discipline was added to the ASCLD/LAB
accreditation programs. Forensic laboratories that achieve ASCLD/LAB Legacy or
ASCLD/LAB-International accreditation in this discipline (and any of the others that
are offered) can be considered as having attained accreditation from the premier
forensic laboratory accreditation program in the world today. Job well done “Bud!”



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