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[Avast] Facebook virus | Click for me, thanks!

Social sites are great for people who want monetize theirs ideas. But sometimes these ideas are far more sinister. Over the last few last weeks,  researchers at the Avast antivirus labs in Prague have noticed new attack based on a combination of social sites, fake Flash Players and the promise of illicit videos of well-known Hollywood stars. A number of users have complained that theirs Twitter and Facebook accounts are spreading links inviting people to see an explicit ‘home movie’ of Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst. There is of course no such movie but instead the link sends users to a fake “Facebook style” site that convinces users that they can download the movie as well as various pictures. The fake “facebook style” site is also backed up by comments from other supposed Facebook users. However, if a visitor clicks on the video, a warning pops up claiming that they have out date Flash Player with a prompt to download an update. This is a perfect example of social engin

[Tháng 8] Toiphammaytinh come back

Sau thời gian bận rộn, giờ blog tội phạm máy tính sẽ trở lại. - Post 1 số chủ đề nghiên cứu về Tội phạm máy tính - Trở lại với mục Bản quyền miễn phí (dạng tổng hợp theo ngày) - Gợi ý 1 số hướng giải quyết các vụ việc do các bạn gửi mail về - Update các thông tin thay đổi