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[Forensic] iPhone Tracking

Introduction - iPhoneTracking is sexy!!! Every mobile forensic suite, at least the ones dealing with iPhones, are providing it proudly. iPhoneTracking also has been a hot topic in the media all around the globe. People stated, that there is a way to display every step of an iPhone user ever since the device got bought. Hm… Sounds great for all kind of investigations! Let’s see… Apples Point of View Apple, on the other hand, stated that: “in no way Apple does tracking movements of iPhone users”. What Apple admits is to provide a well designed CoreLocation Framework. (Apple Inc) The goal behind CoreLocationFramework is to provide location based services being: Available instantly everywhere, all the time, but also resource friendly, saving battery life. The Location sources or maybe the problems to be solved are: GPS (is not available inside buildings, eats up battery-lifetime) Cell towers (have no geo-coordinates available) Wi-Fi hotspots (have no geo-coordinates available either)